Ben Shapiro: Why The Left Has Just DESTROYED Who Captain America Is

May 27, 2016May 27, 2016

It's not surprising that fictional Marvel character Captain America has become a conservative hero, especially after the first movie was released in 2011. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, rose up out of nothing, bravely fought against evil, protected his country and his country's allies, and stuck to a moral code, all while bedecked in red, white and blue.

So I guess it shouldn't be surprising that the entertainment industry is now destroying him.


In an interview with TIME, a Marvel creator explained why the newest Captain America comic book reveals that he's actually been a Hydra agent all this time — a traitor to the very country he's named after. Rather than being an American hero, Steve Rogers is now exposed as a long-time enemy of America whose allegiance is with an evil, Nazi-founded organization.

Understandably, many fans of the comics book and movie series are upset. Why would Marvel choose to turn one of its most successful superhero characters upside down?

Marvel editor Tom Brevoort said it was done to fill readers with "a feeling of horror or unsettledness" that someone who seemed "like the salt of the earth" could have such a dark, hidden purpose. He explained that it adds a deeper level of meaning to the character.

Brevoort said, "You should feel uneasy about the fact that everything you know and love about Steve Rogers can be upended."

In a column posted on the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro says it's a blatant attack on "American pride and patriotism" and the "defense of Constitutional freedom."

Brevoort doesn't deny the deep symbolism of Steve Rogers, saying, “Captain America, because he’s draped head to toe in the flag, has more of a larger, more symbolic meaning than many other characters. In an allegorical fashion, you want to make his adventures about where America and where the world is.”

But Shapiro says that this assault on a patriotic figure will come back to bite Marvel.

"[Most Americans are] not going to keep patronizing movies or comics in which the bad guy is America, or in which traditional good guys become bad guys just by virtue of remaining loyal to their principles."

Brevoort also admitted that the Captain America writer, Nick Spencer, intentionally injects leftist politics into the new comic books by having villains stand up against illegal immigration into America and the unchecked flow of refugees with "fanatical beliefs and crimes" into Europe.

Shapiro says to not be surprised if Marvel realizes they've lost their fans and has Steve Rogers switch back to being an American hero again.

But Shapiro says to expect him to "be more of a leftist than the traditional right-winger he always was."