Iris Goldsmith, Heiress of Huge Fortune, Dies at Age 15 After Freak Biking Accident

July 10, 2019Jul 10, 2019

Some devastating news was just revealed about the family of one of the world's most successful financiers. Ben Goldsmith's 15-year-old daughter, Iris, was tragically killed. She was the heiress to two powerful dynasties.

According to Hello Magazine, the teenager was killed during a quad bike accident. The accident took place on the family's farm in Somerset. 

Hello reported, "The teenager was the heiress to two of Britain's most powerful dynasties- the Goldsmith and the Rothschild families. She was the first-born child of millionaire financier Ben and his ex-wife Kate Emma Rothschild, who are believed to have a combined fortune of more than 300 million Euros."

Her family said that the young girl was a "complete firecracker- an absolute delight." 

They told the Daily Mail, "She was beautiful, charming, intelligent, wonderful company and absolutely the loveliest person you could meet. Ben and Kate are completely devastated. They are number to the core and united in their grief."

At the time of her death, Iris was reportedly studying for her GCSEs at Wycombe Abbey boarding school. The headmaster at the school spoke out about Iris. 

He said that the school was "united in its grief over the tragic and sad news of the passing of its former pupil Iris Goldsmith. She was a kind, gentle, and caring student who adored her school and her friends, and was impeccably behaved. It is tragic that such a talented and vivacious child has been taken from us so young."

Please be praying for Iris' mother, father, and siblings during this absolutely devastating time. She was far too young. Share your prayers here!

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