Ben Carson Says Trump's Political Attacks Against Him 'To Some Degree' Worked

March 17, 2016Mar 17, 2016

In an interview with Yahoo! News, Ben Carson addressed questions lobbied at him about how he could support Donald Trump after Trump attacked him on the campaign trail, such as calling him pathological, questioning his intellect, and comparing him with a child molester.

Ben Carson replied, "It’s not really about me. If it were about me, yes, I would be outraged. I would say, no way can I support this. But it’s not about me; it’s about America. It's about our future. It's about what's going to happen to the next generations. I'm much more concerned about that than I am about me.”

When anchor Bianna Golodryga pressed Carson for a negative reaction toward Trump's attacks, Carson said, "You know, [what] he said, it was political. He was concerned about the fact that he couldn't shake me. I understand politics, in particularly the politics of personal destruction, and you have to admit that, to some degree, it did work."

"A lot of people believed him," Carson admitted with a chuckle. "When all those things were proven not to be true, they sort of forgot about it. Unfortunately, we live a society where that kind of thing works, and people use things that work. The bottom line is our country is in a great deal of trouble."

"Should [personal attacks] become status quo?" Golodryga insisted.

"No, it shouldn't be status quo," Carson replied. "But nor should status quo be always retaliating and fighting back against something like that, particularly when the person has admitted that they were doing it for political reason, and of course they didn't believe that, and nor does anyone else."