Ben Carson says he will quit Republican Party...IF

December 11, 2015Dec 11, 2015

Ben Carson announced Friday morning that he also could quit the Republican Party if something happens.  He was responding to news of a secret meeting on Monday.

On Friday morning, Ben Carson's campaign announced his reaction to news of a dinner meeting Monday night with the head of the Republican party and top Republican insiders. Reports from the meeting said they discussed a "brokered" convention if no one—including Donald Trump—won enough delegates to win the nomination outright.

Earlier in the week, Trump had said he might quit the Republican Party and run as an independent if he was not treated fairly by the Party. Now Ben Carson is saying something very similar. He said he would be prepared to lose "fair and square" if that happened, but if the nominee was determined by party bosses and not the will of the people that he would be prepared to leave the Republican party.

Both Trump and Carson have run as outsiders and not as professional politicians, and the public has responded positively to them. A brokered convention would mean that party bosses get to choose the nominee. In a similar situation last year, there was a primary election in Iowa with 5 candidates running. In that case, no one candidate got a required amount of votes, so the party organization got together to choose the nominee. They did not choose the person with the most votes. They did not choose the person with the second most votes. They DID choose the person with the least amount of votes, that the people had voted to come in 5th—and he became their nominee.

Let's hope that the Republican Party has the wisdom to go with the will of the people this time.