Ben Carson Says Americans Should Be WARNED That...

March 22, 2016Mar 22, 2016

Following deadly attacks in Brussels, Belgium this morning that may be linked to ISIS, Fox News interviewed Donald Trump supporter and former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson.


Asked his reaction to the bombings of an airport and subway station, Carson replied, "Not unexpected. We know there's going to be continued attacks. And one of the things the Europeans have done is really had a pretty lax policy when it comes to people coming from Syria and other places where there are likely to be terrorists. If you look at what's going on in our country now, we have a very, very weak border. They're just coming in, and I'm sure we have multiple terrorist cells, and we can expect the same kind of thing. We're going to have to wake up very, very quickly here. We're going to have to stop being politically correct and start protecting the American people."

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