Ben Carson's Delivers Strong Words To Georgia Governor, Hope For Christians

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March 29, 2016Mar 29, 2016

Ben Carson has strong words for Gov. Nathan Deal, who is planning to veto Georgia's "religious freedom" bill, according to ABC-affiliate WTVC. The proposal, known as the "religious freedom" bill, was denounced by Deal as discriminatory towards gay people, although it would have provided protection for pastors and other faith-based organizations who feel that participating in gay weddings goes against their faith.


Carson took to Facebook today to express his dismay with Deal's veto.

"As a nation founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs; the very notion of this essential ideal is the cornerstone of our society," Carson wrote. "As a Christian, the issue of religious freedom is near and dear to my heart. We can have differences, and those things should be debated, but we should not ignore the voices of the people for what's politically expedient."

He continued, "I am very disappointed that Gov. Nathan Deal decided to go against religious liberty, by choosing politics over the voices of the people. As Luke 12:36 reminds us, 'To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected.' Those of us who believe in traditional biblical principles should never give up."

A few hours later, he wrote words of encouragement, saying, "Standing up for what is right isn't always easy, but it is always necessary. Sometimes, you may stand alone, and you may question if what you believe is worth fighting for. During times of doubt, Psalm 105:4 reminds us to, "Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek his face continually."

Carson concluded with a call to Christians: "Standing up for religious liberty may not always be popular, but it is a position that we as members of the faith community must continue to maintain."