Ben Carson's Debate Demands: What He Really Wanted And How He Got It

October 20, 2015Oct 20, 2015


You may have heard that Ben Carson and Donald Trump wrote a letter together to CNBC about the next debate. There have been different rumors about what they asked for and why.

So here, on his Facebook page, Ben Carson clears it up and shares what he really wanted--and how he got it.

"I have spoken before that I think these so-called debate formats are really just a boxing match on television, pretending to be a debate. There are very few real answers you can give in 60 seconds. So you end up with a bunch of talking points and practiced attacks. I insisted we get an opening and closing statement. They also want to extend the debate another 40 minutes or so to make up for all the commercials they intend to run. I am not interested in CNBC making money off the Republican Primary. In the end, CNBC gave in to both demands. The debate will be no more than 120 minutes and we will get opening and closing statements. A small victory but an important one."

Good for Carson! We need more substance and less marketing and back-biting in the debates. We really want to see the kind of candidate we're going to get! Don't you agree?