Ben Carson Just Called Hillary A Word She Is NOT Going To Like

August 24, 2016Aug 24, 2016

Former presidential candidate Ben Carson just called Hillary Clinton a word she is not going to like: elderly.

According to the Washington Post, the retired neurosurgeon addressed the mounting concern over Hillary's health and whether she's physically fit to run for office.

During an MSNBC interview, Carson said, "I think that somebody who is running for president of the United States, particularly if they're elderly — and that would include both major candidates — should disclose their medical history. And I'm not talking about from a year ago or two years ago. I'm talking about currently."

If inaugurated, Hillary would be the second oldest president at age 69 — less than a year shy of President Ronald Reagan's age at inauguration. Trump, if inaugurated, would be the oldest president at 70, less than a year older than Reagan.

"It's common sense," Carson added. "It makes sense because as people get older things begin to happen to them. My diagnosis would be that anybody who is elderly should expose their records, and we the people should know what they are, because it's a very stressful job. It's not an eight-hour a day job, it's 24/7, and we need to make sure that that is taken care of."

Do you agree with Carson?