Ben Carson: If Trump Gets The Nomination, WHAT DO WE DO Next?

March 10, 2016Mar 10, 2016

If The Donald continues to rise his wave of success into Cleveland for the nomination, what should those of us who support Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich?

In an op-ed piece to The Washington Post, Ben Carson, the new national chairman of My Faith Votes, tackles that problem in regards to candidates for House, Senate, and other offices. Should they stand with Trump? Fight him? Or try to remain neutral?


Carson outlined five options he believes down-ticket candidates have:
DUMP TRUMP: It's certainly a temptation if you don't support him, but when trying to vie for Republican support, it's not always a good idea to trash the Republican nominee.
LONE WOLF: Try to stay neutral. That way, Trump will neither be a benefit nor a millstone around your neck. But Carson is unsure if any candidate can truly satisfy their supporters if they never take a stand on Trump.
CUDDLE TRUMP: Or simply embrace him and the vented frustration of many of his supporters who are looking for someone to really "do something" to fix our country. You'll have to be willing to dismiss his "zany, off-the-wall antics," though.
THE PRIUS APPROACH: Try a hybrid campaign that frees you up to criticize Trump when you disagree with him and praise him when you do agree.
THE RYAN TEST: Try House Speaker Paul Ryan's more finely pointed hybrid approach, which is willing to both praise Trump when he follows the Republican party platform and loudly attack him when he doesn't. By attacking Trump, though, you run the risk of being labeled as part of "The Establishment."

If you're not a Trump supporter, and you were running for office, which would you choose?