Ben Carson Explains Why He Doesn"t Want a Muslim President

November 18, 2015Nov 18, 2015


There are many who bow to political correctness. And then there's Ben Carson, who urges Americans to stand against it.

In a just-released op-ed in Time Magazine, Carson pulls back the curtain and explains why he doesn't want America to accept Syrian refugees and why he doesn't want a Muslim president.

He writes, "The carnage in Paris last Friday reminded us all of the evil of Islamic extremism. President Barack Obama has promised to “bring these terrorists to justice.” Yet his administration appears altogether oblivious to the threat posed by an influx of refugees from war-torn Syria into the U.S. homeland. Furthermore, in the war against Islamic extremism, the President cannot even bring himself to confront the enemy by its name.

This Monday, I sent letters to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan urging Congress to terminate all public funding for ongoing federal programs that seek to resettle refugees from Syria into the U.S. I also call on the American people to stop viewing Islamic extremism through the lens of political correctness.

We now know that several teams of ISIS terrorist attacked six different locations in Paris, killing at least 132 people and wounding hundreds more. We have also learned that one of the terrorists responsible for this grotesque attack may have left Syria posing as a migrant and was able to gain safe entry to France, Belgium and perhaps other central European countries."

That is pretty compelling information for not letting in Syrian refugees at this time. Now for why Carson does not want a Muslim president:

"Given this troubling reality, and given the bloodbaths that have been perpetrated in the name of Islam in the modern era, I announced a few months ago that I personally would not support having a Muslim president in the White House if he or she had not renounced Islamic extremism, Sharia law or the tenets and practices of Islam that are in conflict with the Constitution."

Carson clarifies that not every Muslim follows this extremism. "Certainly, not every Muslim subscribes to jihadist ideology. Throughout my career, I have worked with superb Muslim Americans. Many more have served America honorably by joining the U.S. military, fighting for America overseas, working with federal and local law enforcement to combat radicalization in their own communities and publicly denouncing the violent or misogynist teachings of radical Islamists.

For their decency and courage, we should be grateful. Unfortunately, their own communities have often viciously vilified them as heretics and infidels."

Carson is urging us as Americans to stand up against the political correctness that President Obama is preaching which could very much endanger our country. What do you think? Do you agree with him? Or with President Obama? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!