Ben Carson Drops BOMBSHELL At CPAC Speech!

March 04, 2016Mar 04, 2016

Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson felt that God was calling him to run for President of the United States, staying in the race even though voters routinely chose other candidates instead of him.

But now he feels he's discovered God's purpose for thrusting him onto the national stage.


According to NBC News, Carson announced during a 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) speech Friday afternoon that he was officially suspending his campaign, but that "even though I am leaving the campaign trail, I will still be heavily involved."

According to the Washington Post, Carson said his new job will be to encourage Christians to vote. He will do that as the new national chairman of My Faith Votes, a non-partisan organization that says 25 million registered voters who identify as Christians don't vote.

In making his decision, Carson said in front of the highly supportive CPAC crowd that, "God has a much greater perspective than we do, and a much different timeline than we do. He knows exactly what He's doing, so all we do is follow His will."

He emphasized the importance of Christians being involved in our country to bring it back to God, saying, "What we need in America right now is trickle-down ethics."

A comment Carson made confirming the personhood and value of babies in the womb at all stages of development earned him a rousing cheer and a standing ovation from the audience.