Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship On The Rocks, Headed For Breakup, Suspicious Source Reveals

Are tensions increasing between Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez? According to one tabloid, the couple is heading towards a split. Here’s the latest on Bennifer.

‘Trouble In Paradise’ For Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez?

This week Life & Style According to reports, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are finally facing reality. Although the couple has been together since earlier this year, tabloid sources say that they are becoming increasingly distant. “The two of them were flying all over the world to be together — from Italy to Miami, Los Angeles to New York — because they couldn’t bear to be without one another,” an inside source dishes. “But now it seems like reality has set in.”

The source goes on, “Ben has a lot of obligations that have made him put his relationship with J. Lo on the back burner and it’s made for some trouble in paradise.” And after Affleck deleted his Instagram account and rushed back to LA to take care of his kids, rumors began to swarm that things were cooling off for him and Lopez. “J. Lo is used to Ben catering to her and doing whatever she asks of him, so this is kind of a first,” the tipster explains. “She’s had to fly in on weekends and work around his schedule.”

The magazine notes that Affleck is slated to return to Texas soon to finish filming his latest movie and hasn’t even fleshed out any plans to see Lopez before then. “J. Lo is furious,” the source remarks. Apparently, the whole ordeal is giving Lopez déjà vu from their split in 2004. “There are some serious issues that are still there for J. Lo is in this relationship. She is not sure she can fully believe in Ben after his past mistakes.”

Jennifer Lopez ‘Pumps The Brakes’?

Ben Affleck is still with Jennifer Lopez. Yes, they have both been dealing with work obligations and it’s made it harder to see each other as frequently as they’d like. That being said, they certainly aren’t splitting, and they are making as much time for each other as possible. Paparazzi snapped a photo of them if anyone was in doubt. Lopez and Affleck in a passionate embraceLopez landed in Vancouver just before she took off.

A source also told People, “Jennifer and Ben spent the weekend together in L.A. They still have intense work schedules, but are finding time for each other whenever they can,” adding, “They are making it work though. They are so happy when they are together. It’s like the distance has made them appreciate their relationship even more.”

It’s obvious the tabloid had absolutely no idea what it was talking about. Bennifer lovers can rest assured that long-distance relationships can be difficult. It looks like Lopez and Affleck are making it work, and they aren’t breaking up any time soon.

The Tabloid on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Readers shouldn’t believe a word Life & Style Writes about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The tabloid claimed that Affleck was waiting for Jennifer Garner’s return. The magazine claimed Alex Rodriguez had warned Affleck against backing down from Lopez. The publication also reported that Garner was warning Lopez about Affleck’s relationship. Evidently, Life & Style has no insight into Affleck of Lopez’s lives.