Beheaded Man Found in Park Near Washington DC

November 22, 2017Nov 22, 2017

BBC reported on Wednesday afternoon that members of an El Salvadorian street gang stabbed a man 100 times and beheaded him in a park located in Washington DC. Up to 10 members of MS - 13 communicated on walkie-talkies as they closed in on the victim at a recreational area in Wheaton, Maryland. 

According to BBC, the victim's heart had been removed from his chest and thrown into the grave along with him, after the gang killed and buried him. One of the suspects was 19-year-old Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, who appeared in court on Wednesday. He is being charged with first-degree murder and remanded in custody. He was first arrested in North Carolina on November 11.

According to the Washington Post, the victim was murdered in early spring, but police were first made aware of the murder sometime later after a tip-off. The body was then discovered on September 5.

President Trump has vowed to wipe out MS - 13 and has promised to crack down on crime as President of the United States. 

In July, for instance, Trump explicitly vowed to wipe out the criminal gang. He made this promise in a speech delivered in Long Island, calling the gang members "animals" and encouraging law enforcement to be "rough" on crime. 

Trump traveled to New York in July to discuss efforts to combat the gang, pledging to dismantle and deport them as president. 

"Together we're going to restore safety to our streets and peace to our communities and we're going to destroy the vile, criminal cartel MS-13 and many other gangs," Trump said, according to CNN

"They kidnap. They extort. They rape and they rob," Trump said. "They stomp on their victims. They beat them with clubs, they slash them with machetes, and they stab them with knives. They have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields. They're animals."

Earlier this week, another MS - 13 gang member made national headlines after he was convicted of a serious crime. According to Reuters, "The leader of a Massachusetts-based unit of the notoriously violent MS-13 gang was convicted on Tuesday of racketeering conspiracy in the first trial in Boston to stem from a crackdown that led to charges against 61 people." 

Jeff Sessions has also vowed to fight the gang, calling them the "worst of the worst." 

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