Behar Crosses Unimaginable Line, Blames Trump for Despicable Act

April 30, 2019Apr 30, 2019

One of the most outspoken hosts on "The View" has just crossed an unimaginable line. She has placed blame on President Trump for a recent shooting in California.

The comment came during a recent episode of the show. The panel was discussing the mass shooting that took place in Poway, California and targeted a Jewish synagogue while worshippers were inside.

Behar seems to think President Trump is to blame for the violence. The President strongly condemned the attack.

“I want to say something about Trump. Last week Biden introduced a video where he brought up Charlottesville. We all saw that. It was very well done. It reminded me we’re losing the soul of America,” Behar said, referencing the show's recent interview with former Vice President Joe Biden.

She continued on her delusional rant.

“The next day Donald Trump defends Charlottesville once again. Says that these people were historians they were more interested in Robert E. Lee then the fact that they were saying ‘Jews will not replace us,’ they were just historians.”

“Then on Saturday in the morning this assault on the synagogue. Then Saturday afternoon ‘our hearts are with the victims.’ He talks out of both sides of his mouth,” she continued.

Critics were quick to condemn Behar's remarks online. Many pointed out how absurd they were.

"I must have lost her number or I would call her myself, but someone please let Joy Behar know that the suspect in the synagogue shooting actually hated Trump and Jewish people. Ol' Trumpster isn't the culprit in the shooting. The shooter is the culprit," wrote one person on Twitter, disputing Behar's claim.

President Trump rebased a statement on the attack. He thanked law enforcement for their quick responses.

“Our entire nation mourns the loss of life, prays for the wounded and stands in solidarity with the Jewish community,” Trump said later at a rally in Wisconsin. “We forcefully condemn the evils of anti-Semitism and hate, which must be defeated.”

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