Before Heading To The White House, ‘Clock Maker’ Ahmed Visits With THIS War Criminal

October 18, 2015Oct 18, 2015

Ahmed Mohamad, the 14 year old who created a very suspicious looking ‘clock’, has been traveling around the globe and meeting with world leaders.  Since the controversial incident involving the suspicious clock, Ahmed has met with the leaders of Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.  

He is scheduled to travel to the White House next week to meet with Obama and take part in an astronomy night event with students and scientists.  However, a photo recently surfaced of a meeting that may raise a few eyebrows.

According to Fox News, Ahmed and his father recently traveled to their home country of Sudan.  Ahmed met and took a photo with the Sudanese leader, Omar-al Bashir.  This meeting between Ahmed and Bashir will undoubtedly make for an interesting conversation between Obama and his advisers.


The reason?  Bashir is a war criminal.  He is wanted by the International Criminal Court to stand trial for war crimes in Darfur.  Bashir is accused of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Clearly, Ahmed is reveling in the worldwide attention he is getting after his clock incident.  What teenager would turn down open invitations from heads of state? 

However, since the clock incident many people have debunked Ahmed’s claim that he invented a clock.  It was proven to be nothing more than a store bought clock that was removed from its shell and hastily put into a briefcase. 

One has to wonder more about Obama’s agenda and why he was so quick to invite Ahmed to the White House before these facts came to light.

Fox reached out to the White House for comment about Ahmed’s meeting with Bashir and if that would have any bearing on his long standing invitation.  The White House did not return their request for comment.