Before Becoming A Coach, Joe Kennedy Made THIS Promise To God

February 02, 2016Feb 02, 2016

Coach Joe Kennedy spent 20 years in the military.  When he retired from the military, Kennedy was approached to become a football coach and help out the young men in the community.

While debating whether or not to take the coaching position, a movie came on TV that brought him to tears.  Kennedy said that watching “Facing The Giants” was “like a gut check to him.” 

Kennedy felt that it was one of the moments in his life where God spoke to him and called him to become a coach and role model to the football players on his team.  “I hate to admit it, but I was on my knees in tears after watching that.  It was a sign,” Kennedy said. 

Kennedy knew that what he was called to do.  “I said hey God, I’m going to give you the glory no matter what, just like in the movie.  No matter what I’m going to give you the glory, win or lose, on the 50 (yard line) after every single game.”

Kennedy stayed true to his word and prayed after every football game, win or lose.  His act of faith drew scorn and attacks from the school district and atheist groups. 

Despite the repeated threats from the school district to stop praying, Kennedy continued to honor God.  He has since been let go from his coaching position.  The fight for Kennedy’s 1st amendment rights is just beginning.  He has filed a lawsuit against the district for their unconstitutional censorship of his religious freedom.