BEEP! BEEP! Joe Biden Throws Hillary Clinton Under The Bus By Saying THIS…

September 07, 2016Sep 07, 2016

Apparently Joe Biden has forgotten which side of the party line he is standing on.  The Democratic Vice President recently threw Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton under the bus in regards to her campaign and voter trust issues.

After his Labor Day Parade Celebration in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden went on the record with CNN’s Jeff Zeleny. When asked if the reason voters are suspicious of her is because “she hasn’t opened up or is it because of her own doing,” Biden responded with his two cents.

“Look, I have a bad habit of saying what I believe and sometimes saying all I mean here,” Biden said. “The truth is, Hillary Clinton knows it’s a problem and she is trying to figure out how to remedy it.”

Wise words, Joe. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. Biden goes on to say “this is gonna be, and you know better than I do, Jeff, this could be the most negative campaign in the history of modern politics, I think.”

With the VP of her own party clearly stating she knows voters don’t trust her, Crooked Hillary is yet again scrambling for answers. Sound familiar? Emails, Benghazi, etc. The problem here is not that Hillary needs to find an answer, it’s that Hillary can’t be trusted and doesn’t tell the truth about much of anything. 

When voters go to the polls, they expect their chosen candidate to be honest and represent them while keeping with strong American values.