Becca Tilley Dishes on Virgin ‘Bachelor’ Story Line, More Regrets

Take the good with the evil. Becca TilleyRealized the benefits and drawbacks of being openly about her virginity The Bachelor.

“It was my choice when I said it, but I did it in a way where I was trying to comfort Ashley [Iaconetti],” the 33-year-old reality star exclusively told Us Weekly during a game of “Reality Show Regrets.”

Tilley remembered Iaconetti (34), crying during season 19 of the series, when she told Bachelor Chris SoulesShe was a virgin. The Louisiana native was shocked to discover that she had never had sex before.

Becca Tilley.
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“I hadn’t told anyone because I didn’t want it to be like the focus and I just casually was like, ‘Oh, I’m a virgin too. And I just totally forgot that there were cameras and a mic on me,” Tilley explained to UseHere is her 2015 Bachelor Nation debut. “I don’t regret it in the sense that I think there were a lot of people who were able to relate to me in that decision. I still to this day feel like if you make that decision for yourself, it’s something you should be proud of and stand strong in.”

The “Scrubbing In” podcast cohost, who is now dating Hayley Kiyoko, added: “The only thing I regretted about it was that it became like such a focus on my character.”

When it comes down to Ben Higgins’ season of The BachelorThe 2016 episode of aired on Tilley’s channel. She admitted that she regretted not learning more about geography after failing to find Indiana on a map in one episode.

“You could literally put a map in front of my face [now] and the only thing I could probably get right about Indiana is that I know it’s not sideways, you know?” she told Use. “I still to this day would say I could get humiliated — you ever see those interviews where people are on the street and they’ll, like, just stop someone random and they’ll ask them something about geography? I like internally panic watching it, thinking what would happen if that was me.”

The season 20 contestant admitted that she regretted it then and “I still regret not paying attention in geography.” She concluded: “That might be my new like project I do on the side. Learn geography. I need to be more educated on that.”

Watch the exclusive video above for more of Tilley’s reality show regrets — including why she was not a fan of her “yellow hair” during Higgins’ season.

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