Becca Tilley Confirms She’s Dating Hayley Kiyoko: ‘So Happy’

Hayley Kiyoko, Becca Tilley

Lucky in love After years of speculation, she finally got married. Becca TilleyFinally, it was confirmed that she is dating Hayley Kiyoko.

“3rd time’s a charm 🌹,” Tilley, 33, wrote via TwitterFriday, May 20, 2010. “So so happy 🥰.”

Moments later, The ABC personality gushed over the relationship via Instagram, sharing a video of the couple’s sweetest moments. “Hard to say if this is a hard or soft launch, but it is a launch ❤️ #95p,” she captioned the reel.

The “Scrubbing In” podcast cohost’s social media message came hours after she kissed Kiyoko, 31, during a Thursday, May 19, celebration for the musician’s “For the Girls” music video, which dropped on Friday. The twosome’s lip-lock was met with a cheer from the crown in Los Angeles.

Kiyoko’s “For the Girls” video put a queer spin on The BachelorThe scene featured Tilley as one of her suitors. The moment paid homage to the Louisiana native’s journey on the ABC series.

“Becca mentioned they’ve been together for four years and she was just ready to share it,” a source exclusively told Us WeeklyThe music video launch.

The lovebirds were “very happy” during the party and “showed a little PDA” as the night progressed. “It was Hayley’s night but it became Becca’s night too because she came out publicly with the kiss,” the insider says.

Tilley revealed her first relationship to her podcast cohost in June 2019. Tanya Rad, at the time that she was “in love” with someone. Tilley told Tilley three years later that she wanted to protect her newly found romance after her experience. The Bachelor.

“I just think that my relationship that I’m in is just, I like that it’s private and it’s my own,” she told Use in September 2019. “I had a public relationship before and it just felt like I had a lot of people involved, which I know that’s why they sort of watched me in the first place.”

The reality TV personality added: “I just feel if the moment comes where I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m just going to say something,’ then I will. I’m really happy and I hope to eventually start opening up about it more, but I’m happy with it being private right now.”

Despite teasing in a February 2020 episode of “Scrubbing In” that she was “95 percent” sure she’d marry her current partner, Tilley wasn’t in a rush to share her romance with the world. “Being private on social media is not the same as hiding. People already have an opinion on about my relationship and I haven’t even shared it,” she told a fan during an Instagram Q&A two years later. “Makes sense why I want to protect it? Maybe one day! It’ll be our choice though.”

However, the Louisiana native did confirm that she had been dating her partner for “almost 4 years” during that Q&A.

While Tilley has been in two public relationships before — she competed for Chris Soules‘ heart on season 19 of The BachelorThe Bachelor Nation star, dated a fellow Bachelor Nation star, aired the episode in 2015. Robert Graham from December 2016 to May 2017 — Kiyoko has kept her love life mostly out of the spotlight.

“I was thinking about how I had all these opportunities with women, and how I just never took a chance on myself — so, therefore, I never had a chance with them,” the singer told Buzzfeed in June 2021 about the inspiration behind her song “Chance.”

She continued: “And I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, like, that was my whole adolescence!’ Complaining and being upset that I didn’t have a chance with these women and I didn’t even take a chance on myself. I didn’t even believe in myself, that I was worthy or that I had something to offer.”

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