BBB Warning: Check Your Box for Harmful Scam Mail

June 12, 2017Jun 12, 2017

In the latest round of scamming ploys, Americans are receiving in the mail little pink postcards with urgent messages on them, asking them to respond immediately. The slips have the appearance of offering persons with a deal they cannot pass up, reports Channel 8 News out of Monroe, Louisiana. 

The pink postcards have “US Postage Paid Oak Brook IL Permit No. 100” printed on them and have the suspicious and bogus message: “We are trying to reach you regarding your eligibility for a Medicare and Insurance Covered Back or Knee Support System.”

The postcards are not only pink, but also yellow, orange, blue and green. According to Channel 8 News, the most recent card was submitted by a resident from Baskin, Louisiana.

That card, it is reported, had a 24 hour toll free number to get Medicare and insurance coverage for back and knee support. The purpose of the scam mail is to obtain a person’s Social Security number, as well as any other personal information, so that they can make a profit from one’s personal information.

The design of these postcards are meant to appeal to a large amount of people whose addresses may have already been breached. The stolen credit card information is used to print more cards and more letters, and to buy or forge postal permits to acquire even more information.

Scammers use this information to make money on what is called the “Black Net.”

It is recommended that if you receive a card, do not call the numbers advertised to get free medical equipment – to make sure that you check the reliability of the number first before making a call.

One of the phone numbers to NOT call is: 1-855-611-7077. The BBB is urging Americans to be vigilant when receiving their mail to make sure that they do not fall victim to this latest attempt at ID theft.

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