Barron Trump’s School Just Went On Lockdown

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March 14, 2017Mar 14, 2017

Barron Trump’s, President Trump’s youngest son, prep school in New York went on lockdown Monday morning, reports the New York Post.

The lockdown was called after a suspicious package was seen inside a truck that was legally parked outside Barron’s school. Concerns were also raised when police noted the truck’s license plate did not match the Vehicle Identification Number.

Rumors were flooding around the school that the lockdown was in response to a suspected bomb; therefore, many students were terrified.

The New York Bomb Squad immediately investigated the scene, cops had the truck towed and Secret Service agents guarded the school.

Thankfully, the suspicious package turned out to be a military-style backpack containing no threats. Students were ultimately safe. 

According to other sources, it is not known if Barron was present on campus that day.

In the past, the city raised safety and financial concerns regarding Barron Trump staying at his current school. To this day, there has not been any issues regarding his attendance violating anyone's safety. Other news sources are expecting this lockdown incident may add to those fears even though Barron was clearly not a direct factor. 

Praise God this lockdown wasn't anything major!

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