Barbie’s New Accessory Sparks Interesting Political And Religious Controversy

March 15, 2017Mar 15, 2017

Children who play with ‘Barbie’ will have the opportunity to purchase a new accessory for their doll beginning on April 1st: a hijab.

The inspiration of the new accessory came from the Pittsburgh mayor’s wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman, when acting out the Women’s march with her daughter by using barbie dolls.

During their ‘march’, the girls demonstrated diversity by having dolls of color, with glasses, and in wheelchairs.

Fetterman realized there was no muslim doll and decided to create something to make the Islamic community feel welcomed called ‘Hello Hijab’, a miniature hijab that can be used on any Barbie.

"My dream is that every school, with all the dolls they have, will have at least one. If they play with it as children, when they become adults and see someone with a hijab they'll be more accepting."

She also mentioned, “The goal of the project is to remind people that ‘even though our beliefs vary greatly, we have much more similarities’.”

All proceeds from Hello Hijab will benefit the following organizations: Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, ACLU and Community Blueprint Pittsburgh.

Many people support Fetterman’s bold idea, but others don’t agree with the controversial accessory.

One Twitter user commented on the hypocrisy, mentioning liberals are usually against Barbie, but are now ‘okay with the Hijab’.

This new addition to the popular toy also means bringing religious values into a worldwide seller, where children from almost all types of religions play with the doll. Where is the cross necklace, bible, or praying hands?

What do you think about this new accessory? Do you think it sends a positive message?

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