Baltimore Raven's Star Writes INCREDIBLY POWERFUL Words On God, Gender, & The Bathroom Bill

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April 26, 2016Apr 26, 2016

Wow, this man is also very wise and eloquent, in addition to being a great athlete. In a Facebook post, Baltimore Raven's tight end, Benjamin Watson, wrote an incredibly powerful post on his thoughts about the controversial transgender bathroom bills that are sprouting up all over the nation.


Watson says that he read and studied the issue a lot before speaking out. After reading the bill in its entirety and hearing from people on both sides of the matter, he shared his response:

"In today's climate, as shown by the speedy reactions of various entities, we are forced to pick a side. Many times, unfortunately, it's the side we hope is right. And by right I do not mean moral or logical, as it should. I mean the side that will protect us from public backlash and probable financial loss. The side that places us in the perceived majority, the middle of a strong current where we can ride the wave of "progress". We feel the tug to be on what some coin "the right side of history." The subsequent fear of conformity can feel like fire in our throats at times. Tolerance and inclusivity has somehow turned into the very thing it claims not to be and is quite often characterized by name-calling and accusations of bigotry and hatred. Although it sometimes does, fundamental disagreement does not NECESSARILY mean hate is involved. But the immense fear of being associated with these smartly and strategically used labels forces many choose to be silent at a time when it matters most."

But Watson says this issue is not about his feelings.  "It is easy to offer personal anecdotes when digesting bills and laws like this. But my position has to be founded on a foundation more solid than my experience or my feelings. It's not about MY daughters, MY sons, MY wife or even ME feeling violated, uncomfortable or threatened in the bathroom although these are definitely reasons enough. It's not about how obvious it is to ME that the privacy of men and women should be a given when using these types of facilities."

Instead, the issue lies in the truth of God's Word. "As important as genitalia are in determination, gender roles do not stop at anatomy. They were created as complimentary differences that should be celebrated, embraced and encouraged. They build strong families, healthy communities, and ordered nations. There is great beauty in masculinity and femininity that fully blooms in the sacrificial oneness of marriage. To accept the blurring there of is to deny and tacitly reject God's design and to condone what He has created as a reflection, albeit imperfect because of our humanity, of his immense love for us. This is the danger we face, not only with this issue but with any issue, when our feelings, genetic predispositions and desires take precedence over His principles."

Watson gets to the real heart of the issue here: "This is the crux of the matter. If I believe I am my own God, I am within all rights to do, say and believe as I please. But if I believe I was created, then he who did so is God and I am not. And my duty is to obey him for he knows what is best for those to whom he gave life."

These words are powerful. As Watson said, this issue is really about: Are we going to obey God or not? Right now, it looks like America does not want to obey God, though Christians are definitely taking a stand. Watson warns of the consequence of this slippery moral decline. "But like paper currency, of little value without its collateral backing, morals without God eventually succumb to similar perils and are rendered useless. The logical conclusion of a land where we all do what is right in our own eyes, unchecked, is lawlessness, chaos and even death."

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