Bad News For Public Official Who Shut Down Christian Bakery

November 15, 2016Nov 15, 2016

An Oregon public officially who gained national attention by fining a Christian bakery owning couple $135,000 for refusing to make a cake for a lesbian wedding received some bad news on election night: His bid for Oregon secretary of state had been squashed in an upset win by a conservative Republican.

Bureau of Labor and Industries commissioner Brad Avakian, who ran the bakery out of business, campaigned for the higher office on the platform of progressive politics, promoting abortion, and going after more private business owners, according to the Daily Caller.

But after alienating even left-leaning newspapers with his extreme liberalism, outspoken conservative Dennis Richardson snatched a victory at the polling places, becoming the first Republican to win a state office in 14 years and the first Republican secretary of state in more than 30 years.

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