BAD IDEA: Condescending CNN Anchor Tries To Take Down Kellyanne Conway

January 06, 2017Jan 06, 2017

Former Donald Trump campaign manager and current Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway took on leftist CNN anchor Chris Cuomo today in an explosive interview for the ages.

As he barraged her with questions, demands, and his own basket of emotions concerning Russia’s alleged manipulation of the U.S. presidential election, an extremely combative Cuomo kept trying to be condescending toward Conway.

And Conway wasn’t going to let him do it. As he tried to talk down to her, she hilariously fired back in kind, speaking to him as if he was a little kid who just wouldn’t shut up.

A flabbergasted Cuomo kept demanding from Conway why Trump isn’t listening to what Cuomo insists is a complete and total consensus by the intelligence community that Russia hacked our election.

Here are Conway’s best comebacks:

— “Hey, Chris, we had a President of the United States in October who could have, when Mr. Clapper said what he said [about Russian hacking], could have pushed back harder, but did not. Because what was he doing? He and Hillary Clinton and all of their teams were out there absolutely believing that she was going to be the next president, so ‘let’s not disturb her performance.’”

— “You’re just making conclusions up. Yes, you are. You just want to argue with me.”

— “Hey, Chris, by the way. I’m not ducking a thing. It’s not my style.”

— “In the last couple of days of Obama’s eight years in office...all of a sudden he’s going to be tough on Russia. Seriously?! I can’t even say it without laughing!

— “Hey, Chris, things are stated on your network, and other places, all day long that aren’t factual. And people think that if they just say it again and again and again, it becomes factual.”

— “Hey, Chris...he’s not sheltering Russia, and don’t you say that again. He’s not sheltering Russia.”

— “What the heck has the current president done vis-a-vis Russia for the last eight years to make you proud? Name it! Tell me!”

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