Back to Work and Date Nights

Fall fashion ready! Fall is here and Rent the Runway’s Senior Director of Fashion and Styling director, Suzanne Smallshaw,It is showing Us Weekly how to get ready for any fall occasion— whether you’re headed back to work or attending a formal event. You can see the exclusive video above to see how you can pack tons of style in your carry-on this summer.

Fall must-Haves
“I think you need to have in your closet this season would absolutely be that statement coat that you can wear over anything,” Smallshaw told Use. “You need a really chic, fabulous, tall boot and a classic turtleneck that you can layer under anything.”

How to Dress for Fall Back to Work, Date Night and More

Don’t Be Afraid of Bright Hues
“We are loving these bright highlighter hues for the season that we saw all over from ready-to-wear and for evening looks,” Smallshaw said. “[If you are not comfortable with bright hues]I would suggest starting with accessories. I mean, you can wear your neutrals and still feel comfortable, but maybe add a pop of color with a bag or a shoe and that’s a really great entry point.”

Shop Your Closet
“I think one of the biggest mistakes people make for Fall is thinking that they need to buy everything new,” the style expert explained. “There’s so many great pieces out there. I fall into that category as well, but what I think it’s all about is shopping your closet, editing it down, taking your favorite pieces that you have, and then using Rent the Runway to infuse those pieces that you might not necessarily buy for yourself season after season.”

Rent the Runway has these looks and many others.