Bachelorette’s Tino Franco’s Dad Makes Waves With Show Commentary

The fallout from Tino Franco’s hometown date continued into the fantasy suites — and we’re breaking it all down on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

Rachel Recchia went into the Monday, September 5, episode of the ABC series still on edge after feeling like Tino’s parents “hated” her after the pilot’s visit to his house. During her first overnight relationship with Aven Jones, Rachel made it clear she felt welcomed by the Salem, Massachusetts native’s family as Tino worried about the aftermath of his hometown. Tino demanded that Rachel spend time with him, even though she was allowed to visit his home. JoeAnd Sandi FrancoIt would happen.

Bachelorette Tino Franco Dad Makes Waves With ShowCommentary
ABC/Ricky Middlesworth. Courtesy Joe Franco/Facebook

“I don’t feel like my dad gets me as much in the relationship sphere,” Tino told Rachel. “It’s not, like, you. They’re really just skeptical of the situation. … But they know me, and they know, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t see you as the future.”

After Rachel asked whether his parents would be “mad” if he called and said they were engaged, Tino reiterated: “I know they are going to come around. End of story.”

Ahead of the two-part finale, some fans are speculating that things between Rachel and Tino don’t end well as Jesse Palmer teased the “emotional” conclusion. (Aven is still in the race, but it seems. Zach Shallcross will be eliminated on the Tuesday, September 13, episode after accusing Rachel of being “inauthentic.”)

Joe’s Facebook activity has subsequently made waves online.

“Our oldest son is on the Bachelorette, and got the ‘first impression rose’ whatever that is. Never have seen the show,” he wrote on July 11, slamming KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin for his commentary on the cast. “Not sure how we feel about the idea of finding your soul mate on TV and Sam’s right, it’s a bit cheesy, but nothing wrong with a little fun — It’s not 60 Minutes. Let’s hope Tino doesn’t bring shame on the name, and above all, he may not be welcomed back home if he cries on the show! But we love him anyway.”

Bachelorette Tino Franco Dad Makes Waves With ShowCommentary

Joe Franco.
Courtesy Joe Franco/Facebook

After week two, Joe called @BachelorData a “nerd” for tracking the screen time on the show, adding, “Looks like a piece of luggage received more screen time than Tino!”

Joe shared a long list of opinions and clarifications after his appearance on the episode about hometown dates.

“Because BachelorNation fans asked, here is my tell all: 1. I’m 5-6, and a gentlemen’s 5-6 at that. 2. No, I have never dyed my hair (if you look closely, you will see the grey). I do not use a comb-over (and my hair is not on a rug). NO, I am not the same age as Tino, as a few tweets suggested,” he wrote. “5. We are Mexicans, not Italians, even though the media keeps saying it. If he really is Italian, it’s news to me, and then I’d be asking really tough questions! 6. Tino is amazing. He supported our son’s cancer recovery, volunteers to the cause to this day and volunteers countless hours. 7. Sandi is spelled Sandi not Sandy 8. There are no vampires within our family 9. Sandi has more than one dress… seriously … and who notices that in a photo?”

He added: “And finally … 10. I am too young to be a member of the Lollipop Guild in Wizard of Oz. I have never been aboard the Starship Enterprise. (But I do share a Jewish heritage))”

One of Joe’s most telling posts, however, appears to be a since-deleted comment. In a screenshot shared via Reddit, Joe seemingly agreed that he didn’t want his son to have sex on the show.

“First rule from longtime Bachelor franchise watcher … don’t sleep with the Bachelorette during taping of the show. Best of luck!” his friend wrote to which Joe allegedly replied, “We told him the same thing when he left for the show!”

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