‘Bachelor’ Stylist Defends Rachel Recchia’s Dress After Backlash

Courtesy Cary Fetman/Instagram

Clearing the air Styler for the Bachelor franchise Cary FetmanAfter being criticized, they had some words to say about trolls Rachel Recchia‘s most recent outfit on The Bachelorette.

Recchia, 26, wore a red mini dress with princess sleeves during Monday’s episode of ABC series. Zach Shallcross. While the date proved to be a romantic one with the suitor, 25, admitting he was “falling in love” with Recchia, fans were more focused on the Chicago native’s look.

Viewers hopped on Twitter, sharing their not-so-nice thoughts on the reality star’s vibrant frock. Fetman joined the chat later in the evening.

The fashion guru took to Instagram to share a series of photos of Recchia wearing the ensemble with black platform heels.

“For all that think I hate her let’s just deal with this dress tonight,” Fetman began in the caption. “If you had the once in a lifetime chance to be the Bachelorette; 1: Would you choose having a blast with high fashion clothes that you’d probably never have a chance to wear again? Or 2: A sexy, over-the-top black sequin or silk dress? Vote 1 or 2?”

He added: @Pilot.Rachel on her date with sweet @ZachShall on their date at @fabriquesdeslumieres Klint exhibit. Rachel is wearing a red puff sleeve @azfactory & @charlielapson ruby & diamond earrings.”

Recchia appreciated Fetman coming to her side writing, “I love you!” in the comments section.

Fans also applauded the costumer’s message. “The red dress is definitely the best of the season so far. Loved it!” one social media user said. A second user shared: “I’m loving the looks this season! You rock!” A third expressed: “LOVED this red look — the earrings are *chefs kiss*.”

Another fan wrote: “Gorgeous dress on a gorgeous woman.”

Recchia also addressed the chatter on her own Instagram Story, reposting Fetman’s statement. “One of my favorite dresses! I love you so much @Caryfetman,” she said.

Season 19 of Fashion Drama is a season that includes fashion drama. The BacheloretteThis has been controversial. Many Bachelor Nation members aren’t thrilled with the dual lead format.

Alongside Recchia, Gabby WindeyHe is also looking for love.

“They’re told that people are gonna come in and want to date them, and they get to decide who they’re falling in love with,” Nick ViallSeason 21 Bachelor, told Us WeeklyAugust 4. “And then when that doesn’t happen and someone is switching sides, it can really mess with their psyche. I think it’s obviously becoming a different show.”

Kaitlyn BeristoweSeason 19 Bachelor’s episode featured a similar guest, namely.

“I started off being really angry watching it and frustrated and feeling like the show was going backward,” she admitted on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast on August 9. “I love that you’re saying, ‘We’re going to show a beautiful female friendship that’s empowering.’ Love that. But there’s no chance that it’s not going to end with them getting pitted against each other. Whether that’s planned or not, it’s going to happen because you’ve got two really incredible, beautiful, intelligent women up there.”

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