Baby Luke Trump Has the Most Adorable Reaction When His Dog Steals His Snack

August 02, 2018Aug 02, 2018

President Donald Trump’s middle son, Eric Trump, and his wife, Lara Trump, welcomed their first child into the world in September of 2017. Carrying on the same tradition from Eric’s father’s side of the family, the couple named their baby boy Eric “Luke” Trump after his dad.

Since the baby’s arrival late last year, both Eric and Lara have shared a handful of notable moments and precious pictures of him. In April, the couple shared photos of baby Luke smiling and playing on the floor and in May, a cute video of Luke and his mother went viral.

The latest viral video of baby Luke is even more adorable. On Wednesday, August 1st, Eric shared a clip of the family’s dog, Charlie, stealing Luke’s snacks.

Luke’s reaction was absolutely adorable! Instead of getting upset, the almost one-year-old child started laughing hysterically.

Watch the video of Luke and his dog below:

As of Thursday afternoon, the video has more than 215,000 views and over 2,500 retweets. Many Trump supporters acknowledged how “adorable” Luke’s reaction is in the video comments.

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