Baby Born with Cleft Lip Smiles for the First Time After Surgery, He Will Melt Your Heart

October 23, 2018Oct 23, 2018

A child born with a cleft palate can be a serious thing. Parents have to anxiously wait for doctors to work a little miracle on their newborn bundle of joy.

For one family, the wait was worth the smile at the end! A baby in Texas recently underwent surgery for his cleft palate. When he finally healed and smiled for the first time, it proved worth the wait!

"Little 6-month-old Cam Martin looks unrecognizable after a plastic surgeon spent five hours fixing his top lip and gum. Cam was born two minutes after his twin brother Jack on April 3 to parents Matt and Sara Martin. But unlike his sibling, Cam had a cleft palate, meaning his upper lip, the bones of his upper jaw and his gum were split," reported Fox News.

Cam recently underwent surgery on July 25. When he healed, his parents, Matt and Sara, snapped a picture of his gorgeous smile! The photo is now going viral online.

"It was a full face smile. He was giving the biggest grin he could," Matt, a filmmaker from Forney, said. "Sara and I cried because we were beginning to think we’d never see him smile. The beam was in his eyes and in his cheeks. He was saying: ‘I’m still here, I’m still the same baby, everything’s OK.'”

This is truly an amazing story! Join us in praying for God's blessing on Cam's life! What do you think about his beautiful smile, let us know! In other recent news, be sure and check out our next story to see the glamorous blue maternity dress Meghan Markle just wore in Fiji