B&B Owners Vow To Do THIS If Faced With More Fines For Sticking To Their Faith

April 01, 2016Apr 01, 2016

"It is better to obey God than men."

That's the verse from Acts 5:29 that Jim and Beth, owners of bed & breakfast establishment, quoted when faced with the possibility of more fines for sticking up for their faith, according to the Christian Post.


The B&B owners have already had to pay out $80,000 in legal fees and "emotional distress" penalties when they refused to host a same-sex wedding at their family-run business.

Jim has defended his and his wife's decision, saying, "If that is discrimination, I guess we unfortunately discriminate."

And what will they do if asked to go against their beliefs again?

Jim wrote in a legal statement, "To be absolutely clear, we cannot host a same-sex wedding even though fines and penalties have been imposed by the IL Human Rights Commission. Our policy will not be changing. We are not looking for a fight, but when immoral laws are purposely passed (or deemed constitutional) that blatantly conflict with God's Word and when the heavy hand of government tries to force us as Christians to embrace sinful behavior, we have a moral obligation to resist and stand for Biblical truth."