Ayesha Curry Denies Having An Open Marriage With Husband Steph Curry

Ayesha Curry denies having an open marriage with Steph Curry

Ayesha CurryThe record is now straight! The 32-year old entrepreneur denies the rumor that she is in an open marriage with her husband/NBA star. Stephen ‘Steph’ Curry. On Monday (Jan. 10) Ayesha took to Instagram to share a photo from her husband’s GQCover shoot. She captioned the pic, showing her love and admiration of her man:

“Good gracious God almighty @stephencurry30 … my baby’s @gq cover shoot.” 


A social media user poured some shade on the parade of a woman who was being rained on. Ayesha CurryThe user accused her of wanting an open marriage. The social media user wrote the following:

“But yet you still want an open relationship. If I were him you woulda been sent to the streets already.”

It didn’t take long before Ayesha caught wind of the negative comment and decided to give the social media user a piece of her mind. She responded,

“Don’t believe everything you read. That is ridiculous! Don’t disrespect my marriage like that. Please and thank you.”


These comments follow rumors that a possible open marriage was rumored between the two. AyeshaAnd Steph Curry. As previously reported, an anonymous tip was given to Gossip blog site @Deuxmoi , an Instagram page and website known for exposing the secrets of celebrities–that an unidentified person has come forward with alleged rumors that the Curry’s do no have an monogamous relationship. The person wrote,

“Have it on good authority that this well-known NBA couple aren’t as faithful in love as their social media and image make them out to be! They have side hookups, but they keep it very private to preserve the perfect family image. I was shocked to learn, they’ve been together for so long.”


AyeshaAnd Steph CurryThey have been married to each other since 2011 and have 3 children together. Riley (9), Ryan (6), and Canon (3). The pair are admired by many for maintaining a positive image and displaying a loving “normal” family, so the rumors of an alleged open marriage came as a shock for many.


Ayesha & Steph Curry’s Children

Steph Curry was quiet about the allegations. Ayesha, however, seems to be speaking up for them both and shutting the door!

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