Authorities Reveal 'Suspicious' Substance that led to Hospitalization of President Trump's Family

February 12, 2018Feb 12, 2018

On Monday, February 12th, a “suspicious” letter was addressed and sent to Donald Trump Jr., President Trump’s oldest son. The letter, that arrived at his apartment and contained an unknown white substance, was opened by his wife Vanessa Trump.

Vanessa was admitted to the hospital along with 2 others out of precaution. Fortunately, no injuries or health concerns were reported.

Vanessa’s husband Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa's sister-in-law Ivanka Trump responded to the potential attack Monday afternoon.

Don. Jr. expressed his gratitude towards the New York Police Department and the Secret Service for their assistance. He was “thankful” that their family was safe after the “scary situation.”

Ivanka expressed her warm thoughts to Vanessa, emphasizing that there is “no excuse” for someone to be put in harm's way like this.

Authorities revealed what the substance was Monday evening. According to NBC News, the substance was just cornstarch.

It is unclear who sent the letter, but it is known that it was postmarked from Boston, Massachusetts. The substance was non-hazardous, but the letter was clearly meant to frighten Donald Trump Jr.’s family.

Don Jr. and Vanessa have 5 children together who all live in their home.

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