Author Stephen King Makes Controversial Comment About Trump

August 11, 2017Aug 11, 2017

President Trump has faced severe criticism over his threat earlier this week of “fire and fury” against North Korea should it threaten the United States. Various religious leaders have criticized President Trump for his aggressive comments, as well as various political leaders from both political parties. Recently, however, author Stephen King joined in the criticism.

In a tweet, King remarked that “Donald Trump is unfit for office. Needs to be removed.”

Today, Trump remarked that a military plan is “locked and loaded” if North Korea decides to act unwisely. North Korea has not taken the threats by President Trump seriously, and has warned that they intend to attack Guam later this month. 

According to The Hill, this is not the first time that Stephen King has attacked President Trump. King remarked earlier this month that Trump’s presidency is comparable to a horror novel. 

Trump’s control of the U.S nuclear arsenal, remarked King, “is worse than any horror story I ever wrote.”

Earlier this year, it was reported that President Trump blocked Stephen King on Twitter. In response, King remarked that President Trump should be impeached.

Meanwhile, celebrities are not only attacking Donald Trump but also his family. Recently, a famous female actress criticized Trump's wife and daughter. 

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