Author Slammed After Spreading Controversial Details About Bill and Hillary's Marriage

October 13, 2017Oct 13, 2017

Ed Klein, the controversial author and journalist who has covered the Clintons for years, is being called a conspiracy theorist for his recent claim about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The claim? That Bill and Hillary Clinton aren't talking to each other in recent months, in part due to a blow-up that occurred over Hillary's new book. But also because she wouldn't listen to his advice on how to win the presidential election. 

Klein claims that he has reliable sources that are close and familiar with the personal lifestyles of both Bill and Hillary. And Klein claims that, according to these inside sources, the couple is no longer speaking to each other. Klein told Fox and Friends on Friday that former President Bill Clinton threw a manuscript of Hillary's new book, "What Happened," in the trash after she refused to take his advice not to publish it. 

Clinton's new book provides the former presidential candidate's own account of the 2016 election and first-hand analysis of why she lost. She blames a variety of other people for her loss — the FBI, the Russians, President Obama, and others. She also blames herself and writes in the book what she would repeat, as well as what she would do differently. 

"He told her she looked angry and out of touch," Klein told Fox and Friends, before adding that "she didn't listen to him." 

“He tried to edit it and she would have nothing to do with it,” Klein said.

According to Fox News, Hillary Clinton's spokesperson called Ed a "sad man." Bill Clinton's spokesperson said that he is a "pathetic liar." And according to the liberal media, Klein is a conspiracy theorist. 

Klein believes that tensions between the couple were raising before the election. Bill Clinton claimed that he had done some of his own polling, and according to his own studies, Hillary would lose the election. Listening to the mainstream media and ignoring her husband, Hillary assumed that Bill was insane. She would win it, she thought. 

So she told Bill that she wasn't losing. She then claimed that Bill, who was president during the 1990s, does not "understand modern data collection techniques." She then called him "out of touch." 

According to Klein, Bill was confident that his wife would lose because she was not campaigning in the rustbelt states. 

“They haven’t lived together for a long time. Once in a while, they get together for photo-ops,” Klein said. “… But they’ve been on the phone together for years and years talking about politics... now that she lost, it looks to me that the Clinton dynasty is over, and they don’t have much to talk about anymore.” 

Klein's new book, “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump,” will be released before Halloween. 

In breaking news, a 14-year-old was just added to the death toll in Northern California. 

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