Austen Kroll Reacts to Ciara Confirming Post-‘Summer House’ Hookup

It’s all there. Austen KrollShared how he feels about itSummer HouseStar Ciara Miller revealing that they hooked up after the summer — and filming on the Bravo show — ended.

“It’s kind of one of those things where — the more you try to keep something buried, the worse it is,” the Southern Charmstar, 34, said Us WeeklyExclusively at the NBCUniversal Upfront on Monday May 16. “It wasn’t some super secret [thing]. This is what makes it funny [about the situation] — just because it wasn’t on camera, doesn’t mean it was like, some super secret thing.”

Austen continued: “It’s just because I’ve been on camera, I feel, like, for a full year. So, if it doesn’t happen on camera, then [people assume] it’s a super secret thing. It just is what it is.”

The “Pillows and Beer” podcast cohost played a major role in the drama on season 6 of Summer House after he made out with Lindsay HubbardDuring the same weekend, Ciara, 26, and Ciara. The nurse — who previously had a fling with Austen during the first season of Winter House — was criticized for directing much of her anger at Lindsay, 35, rather than the Trop Hop Beers founder. After the screaming match, costar Paige DeSorbo attempted to point out that “all of this [drama] is because of Austen,” and they shouldn’t be fighting with one another.

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When the trailer for part 2 of The Trailer for Ciara and Austen was released, news broke that Ciara und Austen had continued to see each other. Summer House‘s season 6 reunion was released on May 4. In the clip, she was once again questioned about why she wasn’t angry with brewer, which she attempted to explain. “He did get an earful off of camera,” the Vermont native said.

“Is that when you guys hooked up?” Lindsay fired back.

The cast and the host were both shocked when the model continued to see Austen despite all of the drama. Andy CohenIn shock. “I’m super surprised to hear you hooked up with him after all that,” the Andy Cohen Live on Camera: Watch What HappensCiara was told by the host.

While Kings Calling Brewing Co.’s brewmaster told the tale Use that he thinks Ciara is “a wonderful girl,” he teased that fans will see him get an “earful” from his Winter House costar on the show’s upcoming second season. “We just filmed … And she and I certainly get a chance to talk, and you’re just going to have to watch and see how that all unfolds.”

Ciara seems ready to let go of her reality TV romance. “I think that he was in such a different headspace in the summer [and]That played into some of his actions. Not that they are excuses, but sometimes you really have to be in a headspace to be filming and come to our parties and be in our house,” she told Use in January explaining that she noticed a big difference in Austen’s demeanor when they filmed Summer House.

She continued: “There was a little bit of pressure [on him at the time]He is a people-pleaser. He wants to make people happy.”

Part 2 of the Summer HouseBravo airs season 6 reunion on Monday, May 12, 2009 at 9:59 p.m. ET.

Diana Cooper reporting

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