Attorney General Threatens Prosecution for Making Anti-Muslim Remarks

December 11, 2015Dec 11, 2015

As Rush Limbaugh reported, find out what our Attorney General is saying in reaction to the latest terrorist attacks—and why it could affect you!

Attorney General Lynch, in responding to the recent terrorist attacks, went on the offensive against those who might criticize Muslims. In remarks to the Muslim Alliance, she threatened potential prosecution under "Hate Crimes" laws against those who might speak against Muslims in a way that could incite violence.

In an interview with Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz responded: "The day after a terror attack, 14 innocent lives snuffed away. As has been the case all too often in the Obama administration, we may be facing once again the weaponization of one of our own government agencies, deployed not to protect Americans, but to force them to submit to the Obama administration's code of what is and is not acceptable speech."

If the Obama administration uses threat of prosecution to shut down free speech against Muslim terrorism while refusing to use the words itself "radical Islam", we are moving to a dangerous place in our society. We all would agree we do not want to incite violence against innocent people, but when our country is under attack by radical Islam we need to be free to speak up.