Atheists Attack 1st and 2nd Graders From Having Bible Club By Bullying And Threats

May 25, 2017May 25, 2017

An atheist group has just attacked a Bible group from occurring for elementary school students. The club was set up before school and was completely voluntary. However, when the atheist's group caught wind of it, they threatened to sue and bullied the club to shut down.

Watch the video below to see Tucker Carlson completely destroy the leader of this atheists movement.

One of the high points of the interview was when Tucker called the man out for his personal distaste of the Bible and asked him if he felt good about shutting a Bible club down for 1st graders. He also called the man a bully for his actions.

What do you think of this? Was this pathetic or what? Do you think the club should have been allowed to proceed?

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