Atheists Try To Stop Christians From Helping Newly Released Prisoners; Then THIS Happens

January 30, 2016Jan 30, 2016

Ever since a lawsuit they filed in 2007, the Center for Inquiry has been trying to stop Prisoners of Christ and Lamb of God Ministries from working with the state of Florida to house and employ released prisoners and help prevent them from returning to a life of crime.

According to The Daily Signal, the New York-based atheist organization claimed the two Christian groups were violating the law by receiving state funding to help these prisoners.


But in a great victory for Christianity and former prisoners seeking a new life, Circuit Judge George Reynolds has ruled in favor of Prisoners of Christ and Lamb of God!

Becket Fund for Religious Liberty's Lori Windham, who represented the Christian organizations, says, “The Court was right to reject a discriminatory attempt to punish successful prisoner ministries simply because they were run by religiously-inspired people.

Former prisoners need help, and it’s wrong to stop people who are helping just because naysayers on the sidelines don’t like religion.”

Praise God for this victory!