Atheist Group Creates Ad Mocking Nativity Scene as 'Fake News'

December 07, 2017Dec 07, 2017

The Daily Caller reports that a national atheist organization is mocking Jesus Christ and the Nativity scene with a series of billboards they recently set up which say "Just Skip Church, It's All Fake New!" The ads are placed throughout what the organization considers part of the Bible Belt: Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. 

NBC News reports that the group has posted a second series of billboards with the message "Just Like Santa Claus, the Atheists Are Comin' to Town!" in order to advertise their upcoming national convention in Oklahoma City. 

“Everyone knows that the stories we’re told in church aren’t the truth,” said American Atheists president David Silverman, according to the Daily Caller.

“People ignore that fact because they enjoy the community, the friendship, and the traditions that go along with religion. But we’re here to tell them that churches don’t have a monopoly on any of that.”

Those who put up the offensive billboards claim that they want to have "dialogue," which is a claim that is false simply by looking at the tone of the billboards themselves. 

Many locals believe that the signs are very offensive. According to one New Mexico pastor, the signs are a slap in the face not only to Christians but all people that have any sort of faith. They also, in the opinion of this writer, display a glaring ignorance about Christianity and the western Christian intellectual tradition, ranging from Catholic figures like St. Thomas Aquinas to Protestant figures like Martin Luther.

“I think they’re trying to give a slap in the face to not only the Christian community but people that have faith and people that have hope,” said Richard Mansfield, a pastor at New Beginnings Church. 

The Daily Caller writes that Nick Fish, the director for American Atheists, claims that the billboards were not meant to offend. He contradicted himself, however, when he admitted to Christian Times that the advertisements were intended to "get a rise" out of religious people. 

Many of the so-called "New Atheists" enjoy "getting a rise" out of religious people, considering it a critical part of their strategy to undermine religion and promote non-belief. Richard Dawkins, a leading proponent of the New Atheism, for instance, has called on atheists and agnostics to "ridicule and show contempt" for religion and religious doctrines. In particular, he encouraged non-believers to mock and ridicule religious ideas in public.

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