Atheist Encourages Travelers To Do THIS With Gideons Bibles

August 06, 2015Aug 06, 2015

When the Bible talks about hiding God's Word in your heart, it wasn't talking about hiding God's Word in your hotel room.  But atheist Jeff Dee is encouraging people to do just that.


A disturbing Tumblr blog inspired by Dee lays out ground rules for hiding the Bibles that Gideons International place in hotel rooms across the world to bring the Gospel to travelers.  The rules include not damaging or stealing the Bible, but being creative in how you hide it.

The purpose, as stated by Dee on  To keep the Bibles away from people and make Christians waste money by trying to replenish them.

The "Hide the Bible" Tumblr blog also encourages participants to take photos and post them to show their cleverness in concealing God's Word.

How about a new trend?  How about Christians seeing if the Bible is missing in a hotel room, searching for it in the types of places atheists hide it, and putting it back where it belongs by the bedside?