At Least One Death Reported After Shooting on Wednesday Night

May 09, 2018May 09, 2018

An armed shooting suspect reportedly took his own life on Wednesday night after opening fire on others. Another person is currently being treated for injuries in a local hospital, according to Fox Detroit

Police Chief Ronald Haddad has claimed that no other injuries have been reported, although it is unclear exactly where the person was shot. 

The incident apparently took place at 8:30 pm between two romantic rivals. One boyfriend reportedly approached a new boyfriend behind Beaumont Dearborn in Michigan. 

The old boyfriend was armed with weapons and, according to reports, a high-speed chase ensued. It is at the time unknown if the shooting suspect fired while driving, or whether the cars arrived and the two left their cars. Authorities are currently investigating exactly what happened. 

The area around where the shooting took place is currently on lockdown. 

People were terrified during the active shooter situation. Alicia Carmona, a local resident, informed her family and friends on Twitter that she was safe during the active shooting situation going on in the parking lot. She claimed that she couldn't believe that something so horrendous was happening. 

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