At least 9 Missing in Massive Landslide, Prayers Needed

July 24, 2018Jul 24, 2018

After a mining waste pile collapsed in the Hpakant region of Myanmar on Tuesday, at least nine people have gone missing. Dozens more could be in peril. Please pray for the rescue efforts.

At least 40 prospectors were known to have been at the site, which is known for its jade mining, when the slope collapsed. The police said search and rescue efforts are underway.

“Witnesses said about 40 people were there, but the missing persons list we received had nine names,” said a police officer from the region.

“Due to rain and the waste pile being deep and steep, it is very difficult for rescuers to do their job,” the police officer added. “We aren’t sure when they’ll be able to do so.”

Though rain seems to be the reason for the landslide, local authorities say that the mining developments at the waste pile site need to have strict rules and regulations, according to The Irrawaddy news.

Tuesdays tragedy isn’t the only one of its kind. On July 16, a pile of mining waste in the Lone Khin region of Myanmar collapsed and 20 lives were killed, dozens more injured.

“We want these tragic accidents to stop,” said U Khin Myint, a local miner who witnessed the slope collapse on Tuesday. “We hope that the minister will find a way as soon as possible, and that both the companies and the prospectors will follow whatever regulations the authorities put in place.”

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