At Least 40 Dead, 450 Homes Destroyed After Dam Collapses

May 10, 2018May 10, 2018

Reports are coming in that residents in a small town recently heard a loud boom and then water rushed out of a dam at incredible speed, taking with it many lives and homes. 

According to NPR News, the small town of Solai in central Kenya experienced this tragedy at 9 pm on Wednesday. Once the water began rushing into the town, lights went off and electric poles were washed away. The entire town went completely dark. 

Television images display cars engulfed in mud and residents emerging from the wreckage completely dazed. Government officials claim that 42 people were killed in the incident. On top of that, 450 homes have been destroyed. The death toll is expected to rise and the rescue efforts are still ongoing. 

NPR claims that the current rainy season has already been devastating for the entire East African region. In fact, earlier this week, a mudslide in Rwanda left 18 people dead. And in Kenya, the total death toll from floods is now, after this most recent tragedy, at a shocking 140 people. 

The Red Cross has reported that over 260,000 Kenyans have been displaced by the rains, which came after an extended period of severe drought. The situation can be described as nothing less than a tragedy for the region and for Kenya. Families are being displaced — children, mothers, and the elderly are being swept away by floods. Communities are traumatized. 

The Daily Nation reports that authorities fear that the death toll might rise significantly, since "many people" are still unaccounted for. 

Residents informed reporters that they heard a loud explosion before water began gushing into their town, sweeping away hundreds of homes, including those on the expansive Nyakinyua Farm. Charities are doing their best to respond to recent tragedies in the East African region.

Over 300 families are homeless and 2,500 residents are significantly impacted. 

Some people may currently be trapped in black mud, including women and children. Rescue operations by Kenya Red Cross and Nakura County disaster management teams are currently underway. 

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