At Least 2 Dead, Dozens Injured in 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake

February 06, 2018Feb 06, 2018

A powerful earthquake has killed at least 2 people and injured at least 100 more in Taiwan on Tuesday. Rescuers are still trying to free people from a collapsing hotel and a residential building, according to BBC News.

The earthquake was a powerful 6.4 magnitude and struck just before midnight on Tuesday night. It centered about 14 miles northeast of Hualien, a city of about 110,000 on Taiwan's east coast.

This isn't the first earthquake to strike Taiwan in recent days. In the past several days, several large magnitude earthquakes have shaken Taiwan, including 5.3 and 6.1 magnitude earthquakes on Sunday. 

Margaret K. Lewis, a Seton Hall University Law School professor currently living in Taipei, remarked that she felt prolonged swaying at her modern high-rise apartment building in Beitou District in the northern part of the city. The professor remarks that nothing broke and two children slept peacefully through the event. Since the initial quake, they have also felt aftershocks. Nerves are a bit shocked, she says, but other than that everything appears to be okay. 

"I have not been outside to look for damage," she said to CNN, "but my expectation ist hat my area is generally fine."

In other areas, however, things aren't so peaceful. BBC reports that rescuers are currently trying to free people from a partially collapsed hostel and residential building. Photographs display the high-rise building leaning to its side, with extensive damage to roads. 

In fact, the lower basement and ground floor of the 10-story Marshal Hotel has entirely given way.

Reports claim that the hotel had over 100 guests during the time of the quake and at least three people still remain trapped during this time. Firefighters are continuing to deal with gas leaks and fires that were caused by the quake. 

You can see a video of the scene below.

The Weather Channel reports that currently seven buildings have collapsed and one bridge has been damaged by the quake. 

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