Star Athlete Asked to Share About Weekly Bible Study, Had No Clue Surprise of His Life Waiting for Him

August 13, 2018Aug 13, 2018

Over the weekend, one ASU football star was in for the surprise of his life during a team meeting. Defensive lineman Jordan Hoyt, a senior, was asked to speak at Sunday's team meeting to talk about the team's Bible study, something that he has made a priority at the various schools he has played for.

When Hoyt got up to invite his fellow players to join him every Tuesday at their weekly Bible study, he had no idea the surprise that Coach Herm had planned for him! 

Hoyt got up and said, "A lot of you know we have a Bible study on Tuesday nights at 7. This week it's gonna be at 3 p.m., but we just wanted to come and invite you all. It's player-random led and we just wanted to bring encouragement because, you know, we're just trying to build the camaraderie and the community with our team and we're just trying to bring excellence among us all."

He continued, "And I just think there's a lot of good biblical and practical principles that you can learn there and that you can apply to every day of your life. And just a little encouraging word: it says in Colossians 3:23, 'Whatever you do, in your words or in your deeds, do it for the glory of God, for there is a reward that you will receive.'"

Just as he was finishing up the verse, a special announcement showed up on the screen behind him. 

The words on the screen read, "Jordan Hoyt- congratulations! You have just been awarded a full scholarship to Arizona State University."

Below is the special video:

The Sun Devils' Twitter account said, "Defensive lineman Jordan Hoyt had no idea of the surprise that Coach Herm Edwards had planned for him when he asked to speak at today's team meeting. Congratulations Jordan!"

His teammates immediately began cheering and gathering around Hoyt when the announcement was made. 

According to 247 Sports, Hoyt had been under-recruited out of high school due to an injury. He signed to play at UC-Davis on a scholarship. After two years there, he made the decision to transfer to ASU, though this would mean he would have to be a walk-on and lose his scholarship.

In 2016, Hoyt was named Scout Team Defensive Player of the Year, though because of NCAA regulations he had to sit out of the season. Last season, the athlete was set back again due to another surgery. 

Now, the future looks bright for Hoyt as he will be able to play again and has been given a full scholarship. 

Congrats to the athlete and thank you for putting Jesus first even in athletics!  Share your congratulations here! In other recent news, one of the most legendary singers of all time is said to be "gravely ill" and surrounded by family.  Please pray!

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