Assad-aligned Forces Threatening to Attack U.S. Positions in Syria

June 07, 2017Jun 07, 2017

On Wednesday pro-Assad forces made a threat to hit U.S. positions in Syria should the United States cross “red lines,” according to Reuters

The U.S. has been training Syrian rebels at a base inside Syrian territory in an effort to quell Islamic State activity in the region. This recent threat against the U.S. marks a heightening tension between the Assad government and Washington.

The area where the U.S. maintains a rebel Syrian base is situated on a crucial route connecting Tehran to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. On Tuesday the United States launched airstrikes against an alleged pro-government forces that had posed a threat to the U.S. and U.S.-supported forces in the area.

The statement contained a threat issued by a pro-Assad alliance, and was issued in the name of the “commander of the operations room of the forces allied to Syria,” saying that any such attack could be carried out with missiles or other military systems “in light of the deployment of American forces in the region.”

“America knows well that the blood of the sons of Syria, the Syrian Arab Army, and its allies is not cheap, and the capacity to strike their positions in Syria, and their surroundings, is available when circumstances will it,” the statement said.

The statement also explained that so far pro-Assad forces in the region have acted with self-restraint, and have sought to pursue alternative avenues to conflict, but said that such non-combative means “will not last if America goes further, and crosses red lines.”

Since the Syrian conflict began, the United States has sought to take a backseat, choosing instead to focus its energy on ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq. Repeatedly the U.S. has warned pro-Assad forces to stay away from an area it designated as a “de-confliction” zone situated around a garrison near the southern Syrian town of al-Tanf.

Pleas pray for our troops in the Middle East and for their families.