Ashton Kutcher Reportedly Not Happy With Mila Kunis Working With Ex-Wife Demi Moore For Super Bowl Ad, Gossip Claims

Are you Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis fighting? One report states that Punk’d star disapproves of Kunis’ AT&T commercial with Demi Moore. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘The Truth About That Ad!’

A New IdeaAccording to Kunis, Moore was a great friend when they shot the new commercial. Kunis was the genius behind the idea after she found out she and Moore attended the same high school. “I reached out to Demi and was so delighted she jumped on board,” Kunis says.

Moore was delighted as well, and a source says it may clear up a nagging misconception: Moore “realized it might finally end the perception that she’s the jilted older woman.” The only unhappy camper, however, is Kutcher. “It means he’s going to have to deal with more headlines reminding everyone how he treated Demi,” an insider concludes. “But he couldn’t really say much since it was his wife’s idea.”

Ashton Kutcher worried about his ex-wife?

If Ashton Kutcher was really as selfish as this story implies, then he probably would’ve insisted on being in the ad. We seriously doubt he’s endlessly googling himself to check out headlines. Furthermore, why would he resent Mila Kunis’ success? Gossip Cop has no idea how much AT&T paid Kunis for the commercial, but it had to be a hefty addition to their considerable net worth.

The entire commercial is a lighthearted provocation of a Hollywood feud. If Kutcher was really upset about it, then it probably wouldn’t exist in the future. Considering Kutcher made his name as a comic actor, it’s safe to say he can take a joke. Kutcher weathered the bad press when Moore’s memoir came out, so he can marvel at the largely positive press the ad has received.

It’s worth noting that Kutcher never stopped being a figure in Moore’s life. He’s still in touch with her kids. He told Marc Maron, “I was helping raise teenage girls through their adolescence…I love them and I’m never going to stop loving them and respecting them and honoring them and rooting for them to be successful in whatever they are pursuing.” The existence of this commercial should hopefully put this weird triangular feud to bed.

Never Knew Kutcher

A New IdeaIt portrays Ashton Kutcher’s marriage to Mila Kunis, as a toxic and conceited one, in constant detail. It was revealed that Kutcher was furious with Kunis for getting too close to Justin Theroux in 2018. Kunis’ rep said that Kunis was livid with Kunis because she was getting too cozy with Justin Theroux. Gossip CopThe whole story was a fabrication. Kunis was supposed be furious at Kutcher’s flirtation with Reese Witherspoon. That never happened.

Most recently, it announced Kutcher was blacklisted from Hollywood because Witherspoon didn’t invite them to a dinner party per Jennifer Aniston’s suggestion because Aniston is friends with Moore. This theory was as wild as it sounded. However, it wasn’t true. Kunis and Kutcher are still power players, as evidenced by this very AT&T commercial.

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