Ashley Graham Rocks Yoga Leggings And Shows Off Her Flexibility Ahead Of Twins’ Birth

Model Ashley Graham In her latest Instagram photo, Graham shows off her baby bump. Graham, who is expecting twin boys, shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a sports bra with leggings. The post promoted Knix’s maternity shapewear line. 

Graham Is ‘Up For The Challenge’ Of Twins

Graham and Justin Ervin share a one year-old son named Isaac. In a recent interview with PopSugar, the model said her new family dynamic “sounds insane. I’m possibly going into insanity. But you know the best part? I’m up for the challenge.” 

Even though her life is about to get crazier, Graham says she has “systems in place” and that she even thrives on “organized chaos.” She added, “Twins run in my family. My grandfather’s a twin, and I have a ton of twin cousins.”

Graham also spoke about positive body image in the same interview. This was especially important for women who have had children. “Because our bodies are always changing, it’s always going to be this tug and pull of where you are with your body,” she said. “When I got pregnant with Isaac, I got smacked in the face with, ‘Oh, you’re going to have to really practice what you preach’ because my body was changing so quickly.”

“So now with this pregnancy, I actually haven’t even weighed myself because I just don’t want to know,’ Graham continued. “And it’s been really beneficial for me because my health isn’t determined by my weight. I know that I’m taking great care of myself and the boys, but there is this constant conversation that I’m having with myself, like: ‘Your body is a vessel. Your body is strong. Your body is meant to do this.’ And the affirmations never go away.”

Graham: ‘Being Pregnant The Second Time Around Is Exciting’

Graham made public her pregnancy announcement in July. She then revealed she was having twins only two months later. In a short video, Graham is told by her doctor she will have twin boys. In response to the news, Graham bursts out laughing and says, “We’re gonna have three boys!”

Graham is excited about having new babies, even though it will be hard work at the beginning. “Being pregnant the second time around is exciting, but you’re not looking at the apps to see what fruit size your baby is every single day,” she laughed. “And now knowing on the other side that it’s going to be a lot in the beginning, and I’m going to have my hands full, and there’s going to be diapers and poop everywhere. It’s just how it is. You go through it once, you can handle it twice.”

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