While Trump Shook Putin's Hand, What Melania Was Doing in the Background Stole the Show

July 16, 2018Jul 16, 2018

President Trump has been surrounded by stories of Russian interference in his 2016 election since the moment it was announced he would be the nation's next Commander-in-Chief. During his time in office so far, Trump has vowed to stand tough with Russia but to also be open to cooperation.

His recent trip to Europe gave him an opportunity to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Reports stated that the two men met for hours behind closed doors while discussing the world and global politics.


However, when President Trump and Putin shook hands for the first time in front of the cameras, Melania Trump was all that anyone could focus on! She looked absolutely regal standing beside her husband. Her gorgeous yellow dress was capped off with a very trendy, and unique, accessory: a butterfly belt.


At one point while President Trump greeted Putin, Melania looked on and almost appeared to start smirking a little bit. Moments later, her husband stepped back and allowed Putin to meet FLOTUS. The pair shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Many people commented on the fact that Melania was so much taller, and appeared more dominant, than the Russian leader.



"First lady Melania Trump looked stunning while she met with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday. Her yellow jacket made her stand out among a crowd of black and blue, and her yellow heels also made her stand noticeably taller than Putin," wrote the Daily Caller.

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